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About Us

Rheos is all about making the community a better place with joy inside everyone’s heart through inspiring words.

Our statement is to pass on the ‘waves’ of joy to the people around us. Inspired by faith, nature and passion for our community, RHEOS* takes on a refreshing attitude to step out and to stand out to spread the waves through our brand. 

Rheos waves on for a better community for all generations. It is the community that change people lives for a better one. 

Meaning behind Rheos

RHEOS in Greek means stream or flow. We believe the stream that flows contains the living water that will change people lives through generations. This Legacy is the ultimate goal that we envision, dream and live for the present and future. We envision to pass our brand through all generations and to build for a better tomorrow. We choose this because He first LOVED us all.

Core Value

Honor God

In Rheos, our faith is our core foundation of our existence. We believe a faith can transform a person life even from any situations. This also can always keep ourself morally and to be intergritial. 

Heart for Community

To be able to touch people's lives is our greatest JOY. By the act of giving is one of an act of love. We want to encourage all generations to join our vision to make a better future for all generations that cover our land. It also give a better lives for the people that had difficulties or need a support in their life. 

Values Positive Culture

Rheos values culture that are good for the people and community. We do not conform for the norm in this society. We set to create a better community to empower and transform people from all generations for a better future.


In Rheos, we believe everyone has their own unique personalities, understanding and talents. Therefore, to be personal, encourage and to inspire each other when in need to create harmony in every community.